Azur Lane will have a cruiser of the First World Emden and the Little Prince Oumen

Yostar publishing house held a broadcast on which he told about the upcoming Spring Iven in the popular Mobile game Azur Lane. As part of this event, players will be available for as many as seven new German shipments, which will be exclusted by this event and will not fall into standard assemblies.

  • SMS Emden – SSR, light cruiser – exclusive meal assembly.
  • SMS Lutsz – SSR, Beltor – Exclusive Event Assembly.
  • SMS Zeidlitz – SSR, Linkor – Yesterial assembly and exchanger.
  • SMS Elbin – Elite, light cruiser – exclusive meal assembly.
  • SMS YORK – Elite, heavy cruiser – exclusive meal assembly.

  • SMS Tyuringen – Elite, Linkor – award for the collection of an external currency.
  • SMS Prince Oume – Elite, heavy cruiser is a separate mini-event.


With the appearance of all new ships you can find in the album below. The event itself starts on April 28, and therefore we recommend to hold your cubes before this event.

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