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I do not know how much I remember a series of ‘Earlock’ ** series. The Air Roll is a lightweight version of its stadial product ‘rival’ mouse, becoming a Holley Shell (Holey Shell) period and is a symmetrical mouse that boasts a light weight of less than 70g.

As expected, the Air Rocks series was loved by many gamers. I wonder if it’s a result of a result. The world’s first gaming gear brand ‘ is a new gaming mouse line, which is a fairly many brands, such as the fundamental brand of these gaming gears. ~~ (a few years old as a rival…) ~~

However, at the time of the launch of the Air Rocks lineup, it was not a few users who expressed it. Despite the new line-up, we launched only one of the amount of the entry type products called ‘Earlocks 3’. Of course, the performance of Earl Rocks 3 was over the main streamweight, but is it a number of three numbers to the Steel Series bone marrow fans?

We have released the top-of-the-art products of the Eargress Lineup that Steel Sirs did not read the minds of such fans. Right Steel Series Airlines 9 (SteelSeries AeroX9) ‘. If you are a true steel series fan ‘9’ Number of ‘9’ ** is always to be approached. I was also one of the most expensive products that I have been using a still series mouse since the original Sensiy days.

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Box design is the same as the gaming mice of the existing steel sheets, components and packaging methods are also the same. Lightweight painter Dance, these days, 12 side thumbnuts in the gaming mouse market are for a long time.

Once again MMORPG, the side of the back side 12 button

I was really surprised to see the product first. Unlike other brands that focus on lightweight, Steel Series Air Rolls 9 is a 12 side buttons. Maybe it would be aimed at MMORPG genre, such as ‘Rost Arc’ , which is a great popularity in overseas ‘Roast Arc’ , which will be released soon.

Air Rocks 9 is applied to the TrueMove Air sensor in Still Sirs and can be set up to 18k CPI (= DPI). Maximum acceleration 40g, maximum speed 400 IPS provides excellent accuracy and speed, and can be used to customize the scroll wheel, CPI change buttons, and the 12 side buttons that have shown ahead.

Earl Rocks 9, an asymmetric mouse, an asymmetric mouse, has a battery that can be used up to 180 hours when connected to Bluetooth, with a lightweight weight of 89g, which is available up to 180 hours when connected to Bluetooth.. Compared to the ultra-lighting mice that are released these days, this would like to be a lightweight mouse, but it remembers that this is a mouse that has 12 buttons on the side.

** If there are many things next to you,

MMORPG, such as WOW, Aion, Maple Story, is wrapping the game market, and most of the high-grade gaming mice have been adopted by many side buttons. The MMORPG’s nature should use numerous skills and items from time to time, and there was a limit to allocating everything in a position that can be pressed comfortably with the left hand on the keyboard.

The idea was good, but the products released at that time were mostly uncomfortable. Is it a mouse or bringing the button on it? Thumbs up like a thumb, and a little bit of force was a bit wrong, and the side buttons were pressed at a time, and strange skills and items were used to be used.

On the other hand, the side buttons of Earl Rocks 9 are comfortably gripping the grip tape. All buttons have a natural curve, so it feels a part of the mouse shell. Especially, the two lines below the thumb are designed to fit the bending of the thumb, so that the biggest disadvantage of the side buttons will be brought to some extent.

In addition, in the case of the side button click, the century of the general mouse grip was never operated, and it has not been pressed for about 3 to 4 times, so it has not been pressed to press and hold the button incorrectly. In addition, as with the F, J, and numeric pads of the keyboard, the central button was turned on, so that the button position was easily grasped.

I was the best of Mouse Utility I saw.

Air Rolls 9 was able to set various settings through the ‘Steel Series GG’ app. The angle snapper setting and the acceleration setting of the mouse left and right movement and the sensitivity of the mouse left and right movement and the sensitivity of the mouse and the sensitivity of the mouse and the sensitivity of the mouse and the sensitivity of the mouse were also available to the user’s tastes.

Macro key settings were close to the most complete of the utility. I was able to edit a variety of macro keys directly and you can set various macro keys, and you can fine-tightly set to the time you enter the next key, so you can create a very diverse and convenient macro if you do creativity. MMORPG I would like to be a very attractive feature for users who are looking for a particular class that requires a complex dill cycle in the game.

The functionality that was the most complimentary is the right preset automatic change. Other utilities that I have used are hard to set the preset and have to change the preset manually whenever you have a game, and you have to change the preset manually, and the Steel Series app initially links the program, which works automatically when you run the program The preset is applied.

In fact, the first impression was not remembered that the side buttons were not able to use many mice comfortably, but Earl Rocks 9 was different. The disadvantages of the side buttons were improved and the irregular group as a gaming mouse is also wonderful, the more I think it’s because I think it’s going on. The basic performance of the mouse, as well as the various functions and apps through various functions and apps.

A gaming mouse with so many buttons is used for almost five years, and it was used for a long time, and I was happy to have a long time. Besides, it was a meaningful test time that could have been able to experience the development of mouse technology, such as simple memories without being in a simple memory arm.

Flagship Gaming Mouse ‘Steel Series Airlines 9’ . It is expected that the lighter gaming mouse can give a sense of tension.

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