Netflix surprised: HeartStopper is so fantastic as long ago nothing more

According to Young Royals, Elité and Euphoria: Netflix surprises with a fantastic coming-of-age series, which is not only authentic and heartfelting, but also without a question is also leaving with a good mood.

Heart stop now on Netflix stream.

HeartStopper started on Friday on Netflix. It is the real-filming for the award-winning comic series of Alice Oseman. There is perhaps no more romantic series, which starts on Netflix this year – so if you want to look something in which you can give your endorphins a push, then you are exactly right here.

HeartStopper on Netflix: Surprised authentic and romantic

Alice Oseman HeartStopper has conquered the hearts at home and abroad, which is why Netflix has snapped the sweet love story of two high school boys: the teen nick and Charlie develop in high school a unusual friendship **, which could soon go beyond pure buddy feelings.

Nick is rugby player and generally so hetero, as you can only imagine, while Charlie has struggling with his coming out. Calls it cliché, if you want – or just enjoy this pretty innocent series, which creates a special touch on healthy relationships **. Incidentally, we can also recommend the original comics, which are not hyped for without reason in the book community:

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Heartstopper | Official Trailer | Netflix
Hearstopper launched on April 22, 2022 on Netflix , in typical Netflix tradition directly with the total first season . So if you do not know what you could bing over the weekend – HeartStopper is there for you. Especially when you shut down and want to relax.

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