Madness Dark Action “Nazralath: The Fallen World” announced. Walking a “Dark Seoul”

Euclidean Studios announced on April 25, Action Games “Nazralath: The Fallen World”. The corresponding platform is PC (STeam), and the release date is undecided.

“NazralallTh: The Fallen World” is an action adventure game that incorporates an RPG element. In this work, the game will be developed in the world of dark fantasy. In addition, high difficulty action RPG “Dark Seoul” and a man who has received the immortal curse as a affected work include the RPG “Planescape: Torment”. Although this game play is still wrapped in a mystery, the branch of the story and the world search are mentioned as a concept.

In addition, the world view and art aspects of this work are also affected by Zizhof Bex Skiing and howard Philips Love Craft works. Bex Skiing is a painter who is also known in Japan, “I will die when I looked at three times when I looked at three times. Love Craft is a writer who has a writer who develops later as a so-called “Cthulhu mythology”. It can be seen from the impact of a series of works, with a spooky impression while being submerged from the trailer.

UPDATE 2022/04/25 10:43】
At the first edition of the article, “Zizzhof Bexens Key” was “Zubigne Burzin Ski”. Correct and apologize.

The original Euclidean Studios of the original development source seems to be a studio centered on Uglješa Stevanović. He is a person who is active as an artist / art director based in the Republic of Serbia. On Stevanović’s ArtStation page, many impressive art that seems to be connected to this work has been published. I would like to expect how these senses are dropped into the game.

“Nazralallath: The Fallen World” will be released for PC (Steam). The release time is undecided.

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