Climbing bump is approaching: What Club speaks

What speaks for Schalkes ascension?

At Schalke 04, the ascent is actually obvious. The team with 64 goals and Top Goalgetter Simon Terodde (24 Goals) by far most of the results achieves and, according to Hamburger SV (30) with 36 goals, also provides the second best defense of the league. So the goal difference at the end could give the rash for the royal blue.

In addition, the Schalke produces most standard gates (20, like Darmstadt and Regensburg). Of this, the team came to success alone after eleven corners. No coincidence that the scares also cite the statistics with 17 header tors and thus create direct recruitment.

What speaks for Werder Bremen?

14 year old climbing a V6 slab
Despite the recent three draws in series, Werder is further the best return team. Of course, this has its tangible reasons. Because the Bremen rise because they not only play out most of the chances (216), but also deliver most goals per game (17.7). Likewise, the defensive works, because the Team of Ole Werner has so far also made the fewest opportunities per game (125). No wonder so that the best two-fighters of the league also come from Bremen (52.9 percent won).

In addition, Werder, that it is also true mental. Because the northern Germans brought LIGWEIT most points after residue (17 meters in total – four victories, five draws).

What speaks for St. Pauli?

FC St. Pauli rises because he puts the headstest team of the league with 33 points. There is a very distance that there are three more home games standing and a few points should be firmly planned. In addition, the hamburgers are always straightforward on the square, have achieved most goals in the early terminals (twelve, like the HSV) and according to most leadership minutes in the whole league (1174 minutes in front).

In addition, the KietezSchalke produces are merciless efficient. For a hit St. Pauli requires the at least goals shots of all clubs (7.5 shots per goal).

What speaks for Darmstadt 98?

For Darmstadt’s rise speaks in the final spurt that the team of Torsten Lieberknecht simply a bank is from the bank. Alone 16 scorer points the coach of the lilies has already replaced this season. So there were already nine Jokertore, seven more hits were placed by immersion players.

In the defensive, the Darmstädter can rarely be overpassed. Only two candidates have succeeded in the opposing teams.

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