GW is inevitable in an instant, PC gamer purveyor open world of $ 18! HUMBLE “X UNIVERSE COLLECTION” is being held, the super core that can never be tasted for home use is here

Humble Bundle, known for its bundle sales of various games, has launched “ THE X UNIVERSE COLLECTION “, which includes an open world sandbox space ship simulation “X” series.

The series is influenced by the world through the cosmic economy, which is a well -simulated universe, and operating a huge amount of subordinates and manufacturing distribution of various products, while operating the fighter to the giant ship on the same scale. A core title unique to a PC that features sandbox elements. Once you get hooked, a series of reputation that hundreds of hours will be easily melted, it has been developing for 23 years.

In the bundle of $ 18 or more, the ship’s manufacturing is built into the economic chain, and up to 10,000 ships continue to move the world at all times, and the latest work “X4: Foundations” and the first expansion DLC “X4: Split” Vendetta is also included. Of the included games, “X3: Terran Conflict”, “X3: ALBION PRELUDE”, “X4: Foundations”, and “X4: Split Vendetta” are compatible with Japanese.

■ $ 1 or more
“X: Beyond the Frontier”
“X2: The Thread”

■ Added on average amount ($ 16.10 at the time of writing)
“X3: Terran Conflict”
“X Rebirth”
“X Rebirth: The Teladi Outpost”

■ $ 18 or more
“X4: Foundations”
“X4: Split Vendetta”

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THE X UNIVERSE COLLECTION ” bundle will be held until 10:00 am on May 5, 2022.

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