Swords and magic and huge robots call me! SFC style, German JRPG “Chained Echoes” latest trailer!

Publisher DECK13 and German Indie Developer Matthias Linda released the latest trailer of the new JRPG “ Chained Echoes ” drawn in the super names. The trailer has a plenty of attractions of this work such as a perfect fusion of a stunning pixel art and a combat scene, fantasy and science fiction.

In this work, a stole-speaking role-playing game that the heroes travel to the Valaandis continent in the Fantasy World, a story that the heroes travel to the three kingdoms. In addition to swords and magic, the battle is characterized by the battle.

  • 40 to 50 hours play time

  • Fast paced turn system battle

  • No random encounter: You can see the enemies while moving

Chained Echoes First Impression
* Rich items such as booty, stolen articles, crafts

  • Customize your own light boat

  • Movement and combat with walking or photo

  • 16-bit super nervous color graphic

  • Music inspired by the first playerStation RPG

“Chained Echoes” plans for Windows / Mac / Linux (Steam, Gog.com) / PS4 / Xbox One / Nintendose switch for the fourth quarter of 2022. The product page of STeam / Gog.com is also listed for Japanese.

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