It is a fact that Xbox rarely shares concrete numbers of their services and the sale of their consoles. Usually, we see official information a couple of times a year, which leaves analysts and specialized sites the task of providing the details that many want to know. Now, recently Aaron Greenberg shared a VGChartz tweet, which indicates a new number of units sold for the Xbox Series X | S , But this also gave rise to a quite controversial conversation between fans.

17 months after its launch, Vgchartz mentions that The Xbox Series X | S has exceeded 13.87 million units sold . In comparison, the Xbox 360 reached 9.38 million consoles in the same period of time. This was information that Greenberg, Xbox General Marketing Manager, shared on the Twitter account:

“Thanks to all the people who have helped support the growth and adoption of Xbox so far in this generation. A lot of work ahead and, hopefully, the offer also continues to improve worldwide. ”

However, the controversy on this occasion arose when a fan pointed out that in 2010, Greenberg mocked the people who use Vgchartz and other similar sites to talk about the sale of consoles, commenting that there is no official source that supports the information shared .

“Laughing with Vgchartz sales reports, why do people publish information as an officer when there is no source or science behind this #S?”

Although Greenberg has not issued a response or clarification about his comment more than a decade ago, VGCARTZ responded to the most recent message of the Executive, pointing out that they do everything possible so that their estimates are the most precise you can.

“Thanks Aaron for sharing our tweet. We do everything possible with our estimates to be as precise as possible with the limited data available. ”

On related topics, this is all that will come to Xbox Game Pass. Similarly, a blatant clone from Mario arrived at Xbox.

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Editor’s note:

Greenberg’s comment is more than a decade ago. At that time, the executive was well able to learn a little more about the way in which this information is disclosed, changing the position of him about it. Although it is not unleashed to think that these statements are focused only on demonstrating the success that has been the Xbox series X | S for Microsoft.

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