Appointment rejected: Münster retains points out of food

On Thursday, the association court of the West German Football Association rejected the appeal of the Essen and confirmed the last instance the judgment of the sports court of 4 March. RWE can not proceed anymore.

Thus, Münster remains in the table of Regionalliga West with two points in front of the rival leader. “We are glad that we finally conclude this unsightly chapter and now fully concentrate on the season end spurt,” Prussian sports director Peter Niemeyer quoted after almost three-hour oral trial on the club website.

The top duel between Essen and Münster was broken down on 20 February at the booth of 1: 1 in the 74th minute only for more than 20 minutes under and finally, after a Büller was thrown into the interior or exploded there from the home block. Two spare players of the guests had been injured.

The sports court had then assessed in March that referees Christian Scheper had broken the game rightly broken and this is to be considered in accordance with the gameplay with 2-0 for Münster. On the other hand, the Essen had initially appealed – without success.

Uhlig praises “fair procedure” – RWE tribune lock canceled

Böllerwurf in der Regionalliga: Spielabbruch bei Rot-Weiss Essen gegen Preußen Münster | ZwWdF | WDR

“Of course, we hoped for the repetition of the game. However, we had realistically assume that it becomes difficult to change the jurisdiction,” said RWE CEO Marcus Uhlig on Thursday evening and praised the “balanced and fair procedure”.

While the fine of 15,000 euros continued to continue, RWE reached that the auditor’s exclusion, which was originally imposed on the first home game after the judgment of the verdict, was repealed. Uhlig: “The blocking of the two backor’s tribunes and thus the deletion of up to 11,000 seats could have caused up to six-digit damage for the home game against Wegberg-Beeck. We are facilitated that this part of the penalty was deleted without replacement.”

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