One Piece Red reveals important, new figure: the daughter of Shanks

Good times prevail for One Piece fans: the franchise turns properly. In addition to manga and anime, there is not only a card game soon and with One Piece Odyssey the next big RPG for PS4 and Xbox, but soon a new movie appears: The hears on the name One Piece Movie: Red and has its second teaser Trailer missed. After only a sheet of paper and the outlines of a mysterious figure were to be seen in the first quasi, there is now finally more and a great revelation.

One Piece movie: Red – Shanks has a daughter

That’s why it’s about: One Piece gets a new animation movie for the big screen and ie One Piece Movie: Red. First, there was only a short mini teaser to see, then a poster on which the mysterious main character finally entirely was visible. Now comes the first trailer around the corner. He is still very compact, but offers much more insights.

See the Teaser Trailer No. 2 here:

The figure is Shanks’ daughter: The first right mini trailer shows a lot more than before to see. Of course, SHanks would be there. Of course, the appears here again very briefly and we are curious if that changes in the finished film. It is also in anime to speak his trademark, always only smallest flying visitors. On the other hand, there is of course still UTA, which is Shanks’ daughter.

What’s in the movie? Unfortunately, that will not be clear. At least, at least that Shanks’ daughter Uta is the “best singer in the world”, musician and apparently a very famous star. Her voice should also help to help change the world – which is why fans already puzzles if the daughter of Shanks maybe also has the power of a devil fruit.

BIG NEWS!!! - Oda REVEALS That Shanks Major secret in Film Red...
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In addition, a lettering was already on the first poster to read, in which Monkey D. Ruffy was asked to hang his pirate life to the nail. Why exactly what it has and how it all related to UTA, we will probably learn or evil at a later date.

Do you want the One Piece Strip? How do you find the trailer?

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