Kingdom Hearts 4: Finally also with Star Wars worlds and Marvel

The Announcement Trailer for Kingdom Hearts 4 already provides you with a first insight into the new world squareum, which is modeled by the Japanese capital Tokyo. But some scenes look like from a completely different world: Endor from Star Wars. Could the next main part of the series go very new ways and even involve Marvels superheroes?

Important note on Star Wars in Kingdom Hearts 4

For the 20th anniversary of Kingdom Hearts, Square Enix donates a lot of new info and a first trailer to the next main part of the JRPG series. In Kingdom Hearts 4, the Heroes Sora in vampes the irrequitality , in a fictional world or dull said: a new universe.

This also proves the new look, which is partly removed from older Kingdom-Hearts games and noticeably more realistic. This step could allow many cool ideas to explore how, for example, Film Worlds away from Disney’s Animation Parts .

Kingdom Hearts 4 Will Have STAR WARS WORLDS (and Maybe Marvel Too)!

There is already a first note on it, because in addition to the Tokyo Tokyo Squatum faith fans to recognize the planet Endor from Star Wars in the trailer. After all, you can see several scenes from a forest at the beginning in the trailer, which somehow detached from the rest of the video.

The most prominent is likely to be the Tweet of the Japanese Influencin Audrey. In her pictures, she compares the forest shown in the Kingdom Hearts trailer with Endor from Star Wars. In particular, the right is similar to vegetation ; The trees look almost identical.

In addition, Audrey and many fans believe under the post office a AT-ST foot have discovered in the trailer.

In fact, it looks less for a stone and more after a metallic object.

KH4: Star Wars, Marvel and other live action movies

A star Wars world would certainly fit Kingdom Hearts: Keychard / Lightsters, Space Jokes, The Dark Power – Then you wonder why that’s not already happening? It would also not the first live action movie , which gives feed into a kingdom-hearts game. So curse of the Caribbean already found his way in Kingdom Hearts 2 and 3.

With the new, realistic style and the fact that Sora is in a kind of new universe, Kingdom Hearts 4 could go new ways. In addition to Star Wars, the involvement of different Marvel heroes would be very conceivable; Disney has the rights.

Just imagine Together to Thor’s side in Asgard’s heartless fight . A daring idea, but on the other hand starts with Kingdom Hearts 4 a new Saga: The Lost Master Arc. It’s time for change!

Again another idea would be that in the next Kingdom Hearts the live action adaptations of the Disney classic play a role, such as The Jungle Book (2016), Aladdin (2019) or the Lion King (2019). Thus, at least the “old” Disney essence would continue to be part of the game.

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