There is already a date for the season three of Warzone and Vanguard

CALL OF DUTY: WARZONE Maybe it’s no longer as popular as before, but your developers have not stopped launching content since your debut a couple of years ago. Now, they have already revealed us exactly when the third season of Battle Royale will be available, as well as Vanguard , and accompanied the news with a brief teaser trailer.

So SEASON 3 Just Got BIGGER With TREYARCH'S NEW CONTENT (Warzone + Vanguard Season 3 Update)

“Task Force Harpy has discovered hidden treasures of classified weapons. The truth will be unearthed soon. “

It will be the next April 27 When both games receive new content and undoubtedly in the coming days we will learn about exactly what will be said content. In addition, it is rumored that the collaboration with Godzilla vs Kong would be carrying out this season, so players will be able to anticipate the arrival of these two beasts to BATTLE ROYALE.

It is also worth remembering that Activision is already working in the sequel of Warzone , which will obviously be exclusive to new generation. For now they have not said more details about it, but that will change Confore we are approaching the launch of the new cod this year.

Editor’s note: Go that Warzone suffered enough with the loss of his players, and obviously all the scandal inside Activision Blizzard did not help. I hope that with your sequel, this popular Battle Royale can return to what it was before, and that they can finally do something with all hackers.

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