How to get Mute in Pokemon Go

In Pokémon Go there are hundreds of Pokemon, which players can catch and collect, although some can only be obtained in a certain way. Players can find them in the wild, sit down in the eggs, fight and catch them in the raid battles and encounter them in research tasks. One of the favorite Pokemon franchises is the Mute, the legendary pokemon extrasensory type, which first appeared in the first generation.

Where to take the Mute in Pokémon Go?

When the Mute is available for catching, it usually appears only in five-star raids. However, this is not the case, since MWTWO is not part of any events that currently occur in the game.

Battle in a five-star raid

When Pokemon again can be caught, it is likely that they will return in the form of five-star raids. Players must collect their friends to help, as this Pokemon will not be easy to win without several other coaches. After the battle with the Mute in the raid battle, the players will have the opportunity to catch it using a limited number Premier Bollas .

Trade with a friend

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Currently, the only way to get MewTwo is to exchange Pokemon on a friend. Players will need to first add someone to friends and be in close proximity to them. Keep in mind that before trade you should have enough star dust. This amount can be reduced if the coaches have a high level of friendship with each other, and is again reduced if the Mute has already been obtained earlier.

Available to Mute right now in Pokémon Go?

At the time of writing the article Mute No. In stock Get in Pokemon Go. This is if the players have no friend, good enough to trade with them with cochons. Otherwise, follow the new events that can mean the return of the MUTU into the game.

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