The Update of Fortnite adds coachella masks, music and more

Fortnite added one more event to its growing list of unexpected crosses this week when adding cosmetics, music and other coachella collectibles so that the players have them. This event that is live now arrives only one day before Coachella begins with the Festival of Music planned from April 15 to 24. However, not all the content of coachella is available immediately, since the booty arrives in different falls throughout this cross event.

A blog post at the Epic Games site details everything new at this Coachella event. To begin with, players can tune the Icon Radio station every time they drive in fortnite to listen to music from artists represented in Coachella. That does not mean that you are going to listen to Coachella’s performances live or anything like that, but you will hear the music of the attendees.

«Icon Radio will transmit songs from more than 30 artists presented at Coachella 2022!» Epic Games He said. «While driving in battle, use icon radio to add good vibes by your side».

The first wave of game articles to buy will be available on Thursday at 8 p. m. ET with several outfits and other aggregate cosmetics. Part of the team is sold as an independent purchase, some pieces come with the main outfit and some are reactive to music. Prices have not yet been established for cosmetics, but you can find a preview of the drops below.

Wave 1 (Thursday 8 p. M. ET)

  • Wild suit
  • Lyric attire
  • FINFIN BACK BLING (included with the Wilder Outfit)
  • Neon bites peak
  • Wrap Finfin Flair
  • Cosmic equalizer style (included with the Wilder outfit)
  • Swaguaro Back Bling (included with Lyric Outfit, Reagent to Music)
  • Festival Shredder Pickaxe (reagent to music)
  • Cosmic equalizer (reagent to music)
  • Rocking at Coachella Bundle (includes The Wilder Outfit + Finfin Back, Lyric Outfit Swaguaro Back Bling, Neon Biter Pickaxe, Festival Shredder Pickaxe and Final Flair Wrap)

OLA 2 (April 21 at 8 p. M. ET)

  • High Outfit (Reagent to Music)
  • Poet suit (reagent to music)
  • Sonic Vibes Back Bling (included with high suit)
  • Soft electropalm peak
  • Cosmonautical helmet backpacker accessories (included with poet outfit)
  • Peak cocical crusher
  • Wrapping the main scenario
  • Package dancing in coachella (includes the high suit + the Sonic Vibes backpacker accessory, the poet suit + the Backpacking Cosmonautic Helmet, the softer electropalm peak, the cactic crusher peak, the main stage wrapper and enters the screen Coachellaverse load)

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