Wild West Crops: Wild-West

Wild West Crops - Achievement / Trophy Guide (Xbox/PS4) **1000G IN 15 MINS / ONLY $5!!**
With a colorful 8-bit graphic style, the developer Lightup in Wild West Crops tells the story of El Gato, a bold babe that combats mutated vegetables to rescue Mausadt.
Players visit in the Mini-Metroidvania in the Retro-style Wild-West scenarios and use various special objects and helpful skills in the fight against epic bosses.

“In a peaceful night like everyone else suddenly fell a huge radioactive meteor on the plantations of Mausadt and turned the field fruits in mutants who wanted to destroy everything around them.
Now it is at El Gatito to free the city of this terrible vegetable ministry! ”
Wild West Crops is now available in the Microsoft Store for Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One to the EIA of 4.99 euros.
With a current discount you currently even saved 1, – Euro.
The Launch Trailer and some screenshots from Wild West Crops:

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