What to do with a big egg in Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition

The World of Chrono Cross is littered with hidden key objects, and each of them has a very specific goal. While most of them are used to promote history, some of the items you find are necessary to acquire one of the many additional characters of the game. One of these key objects is a big egg, with which you can recruit a charming newborn dragon named Draggy, but only if you know how to use it. Fortunately, we are here to help – here What to do with a big egg in Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition .

Using big eggs to recruit drago

Before you recruit draggs, you first need to help him hatch. To do this, go to fossil valley (other world) and explore the Dodo socket found inside to get big egg . With this item is still nothing more to do, so just hold on and move on. Continue to move along the plot until you acquire a boat, playing for lynx, and then go to Outline Beach and use the astral amulet to make sure you are in home world .

As soon as it is done, go to Fort Dragonia (native world) and head inside. As in Fort Dragonia (Another World), you need activate five poles of light before the elevator earns. After activating the fifth pillar descend on the elevator down Find an incubation room with one functioning incubator. Just open the key elements menu by pressing Y, then place a large egg in the incubator and draggies will ask to join the party after hatching.

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Draggy abilities

Draggs use gloves in battle using its high hardness recovery characteristic to crush their opponents with frequent attacks. His Congenital element is red spontaneous color, closely associated with fire and lava, and this means that he will bring the greatest benefit to the group when fighting with opponents with congenital blue element . When using from cough Tech, dragging launches a small fiery ball into the enemy, igniting the flame column under it.

On the other hand, draggs Mix of cough Tech sees how he spits a fireball on the ground, then cheats the wings to increase it, and launches the wall of the flame towards opponents, causing a huge damage. Although he may not be the strongest red character in the game, the characteristics of the strength and health of the draggies make it a suitable option for any team!

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