Horizon Forbidden West: Thunder pine with just 3 shots? That works despite weapons

Guerilla Games has toned the legendary weapons of Horizon Forbidden West with the last update. Many fans bumps the Nerf madly, but with Aloy is still not too fun – that proves Reddit user Dewymossempire. In a video we see how Aloy makes a thunder pine (in English Thunderjaw) with only three targeted shots from the Speer-Werfer the Garden and makes the monster crash in the snow.

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Fans argue about weapons-nerf in Horizon Forbidden West

It’s about it: With the video it should be proved that the weakening of legendary weapons is not so bad, as claimed by many fans. The thunder pine is one of the strongest monster machines in the game. Although the T-Rex is not the fastest, but can properly balance it. Even with such a powerful opponent, it is still possible to make short process. Incidentally, the degree of difficulty was heavily made for the clip.

In the comments, the post office gets the headline “annoyed whining nerds: the weapons were generated – meanwhile aloy: Defeated thunder pine with three shots” quite popular. So badly the downgrade is not at all, say some fans. And obviously Aloy is still good enough prepared for the most difficult challenges in Horizon Forbidden West.

With this trick, you also defeat your thunder pine easily:

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Horizon Forbidden West: defeat the thunder pine


Is the criticism entitled? Most fan, however, are different. After all, it is not that Aloy be too weak, but therefore, that it is no longer worthwhile to grind for hours for the legendary weapons. “Do you think it’s about the charges?”, Mortis_wkbrl writes. “I just want my legendary weapons to be better than my others.”

Horizon Forbidden West is a great Open World game – no matter what weapons you use:

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This brings Update 1.09 for Horizon Forbidden West

Patch 1.09 has been available for a week and fixes various mistakes, including with bonded quests. If you install the file, all in Horizon Forbidden West finally reach 100 percent.

In the download is also a secret change that was not communicated by Guerilla Games. You can now stop in the Aloys options. In this way, your item simply picks up in walking or racing and accelerates the gameplay enormously.

Which side is yours in the weapons discussion?

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