Webtoon IP to create a global K game to create a global K game

[Kids News 24 Municipal Reporter] Popular WebToons based on the Global Market, based on the Global Market, based on the Global Market,

The Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Minister Hwang Hee) and Korea Content Promotion Agency (Labor Cho Hyun-rae), Korea Content Agency (director of directors, Hanonjeong), to explore the success stories of K-game overseas, and to strengthen the competitiveness of local small and medium game companies, Games) announced on the 11th that we propose ‘the participants until 27th.

Hanconjin will take advantage of the Global Webtoon Games’ game production subsidy and operate, and to participate in the participation of small-sized game companies with 11 regional global game centers, to expand the participation of small game companies, It is a policy that links to 2023.

Participating agents are the 8 specified webtoon IP ▲ Nobles (hand, gwangdong) ▲ pigs (Kimkakhi, Glumbol) ▲ Pigs (Kim Cabi, Glumbol) ▲ Raisa (POGO) ▲ sound (tide) ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ (Ryu) ▲ Spirits (one police) ▲ I can produce mobile-based game content that utilizes the lovely (Lee Hye) ▲ (Lee Hye) ▲ (Lee Hye) ▲ (Park Tae-joon), etc. From November 2022 to November, the development build must complete the development of commercial versions of the video available until October 2023.

Support for support should be in the area excluding Seoul as an individual or corporate operator with the ability to develop or develop game content. However, it is possible to participate only when a corporation in Seoul is also scheduled to transfer the headquarters to a region, or configure a consortium as a hosted corporate enterprise.

Based on the understanding of the webtoon IP, we focus on the main studies to evaluate the appropriate implementation of the game. In particular, unlike existing support projects, it will be aimed at differential, depending on the ranking of evaluation, and will be paid up to 600 million won, depending on the selection rating, so that better game content can be developed through competition.

Top 20 NEW Open World Games of 2021
1 ~ 3rd, up to 300 million won per company, 4 ~ 5th is supported up to 100 million won, and can be supported by 2023 by 2023 according to the evaluation rankings of the resolution in the time of the end of this year.

Global Webtoon Games is a business that is promoted as a result of a business agreement that is in full February for game making and expansion of games using WebToon IP, and a business agreement with the work agreement with the webtoon IP, It is an unprecedented encounter and an attempt to generate synergy with the attempt.

Through this business, Naver Webtoon is a high awareness of overseas, providing webtoon IP licenses, which is highly awaiting, and it will be able to provide webtun IP licenses free of charge and support domestic and overseas marketing, and will lead to the launch of game content. Google Play is also a fully supported support, as well as providing local custom promotions, education and consulting, as well as local custom promotional support, education and consulting to meet billions of users around the world.

Furthermore, three agencies plan to promote various contribution projects for central small-sized businesses in the domestic game industry, and we plan to promote and promote their cooperation system based on public-private cooperation systems.

Jo Hyun-rae Hanconjin’s director said, “To investigate the likelihood of content IP that crosses the genre through the attempt to re-distribute the popular K webtoon as a game,” Hanshonjin said in this project, as a public institution, he added a view of publicity, such as massage and regional balance development, “

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