Bundesliga: DFL boss Hops is 50 + 1

The new tip of the German Football League has become known at the 50 + 1 rule.

“With us, the clubs and their members say that no oligarchs – that should stay this way in the future,” said DFL-Chefin Donata Hops on Thursday on the Liga Contract website: “Against this background, together with the Bundeskartellamt solutions in the interest of all 36 clubs are found. “

50 + 1 is intended to limit the influence of investors and preserve the club-shaped character. Accordingly, the majority of the voting rights must always lie with the club.

50+1 in der Bundesliga: Abschaffen oder nachbessern? | Sportschau
For Bayer Leverkusen, the Wolfsburg and the TSG Hoffenheim, a derogation is valid because their investors have been active for more than 20 years. The fact that the financiers in the past have compensated several times the losses of clubs, critics look as competitive distortion.

The Bundeskartellamt had finally concluded that the principle of the 50 + 1 rule is antitrust on antitrust. However, doubts expressed the office on the exceptions for the three clubs.

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