Indie Hit Tale Of Immortal Online For English Translation

Tale of Immortal is released on Steam last week, and it has already been a great success, reaching the top of the most popular and selling charts in the world. During peak hours in China, the game manages an impressive number of 176,000 simultaneous players – more than heavyweights like Grand Theft Auto V or Apex Legends.

The game is the last of a new kind of culture simulation – RPGs inspired by the Xianxia popular kind of Chinese literature where you go up to Divinity through training, adventure and meditation. Unfortunately, the game is only available in Chinese Simplified for the moment, so if you hope to check the game by yourself – especially after seeing its dazzling ascent in the charts – you do not have a luck, at least for the moment.

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However, it seems that we will have a translation in the future – or, at least, that it is something that developers are studying. According to a message published on the forum in December by the developer and the user of Steam MidnightCealkiller, they are aware of the challenges of translating a game as rich in text in different languages, but it’s something they work hard to put implemented.

“The amount of words in the game and their difficulties could take a lot of time,” wrote MidnightCealkiller, “but we will work hard to have at least one location in English in the future! »

Is it a confirmation? No. It’s a small team, after all, and ultimately, we need to look at what is made up as much as possible, but it proves that it is something they are studying.

TALE OF IMMORTAL is currently in advance access, with a complete exit expected in about one year – Is it the translation output window? May be. The good PC gamer people contacted Lightning Games for comments, but have not received anything.

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