R / Place: All references to videogame views on the most famous internet canvas

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The video game, what a wonderful world for the enthusiasts we are, and this passion is even more exciting when we face events like that of the pixel War ** that recently took place in the R / Place Reddit.

If unfortunately you missed the phenomenon that lasted just over three days, we are obviously here to catch up, but also to show you all the references you can find there . You will surely find your favorite license in this huge variety of pixels.

Pixel War, a giant hiding place with our favorite videogames

Passing through Elden Ring, Sonic , or even Halo, This edition 2022 of Pixel War is full of references of all kinds, and in particular with regard to the most famous licenses in the world of video games .

So, to start and when moving from pixels, we can see the left of this picture one of the most famous swords in the world of video games, that of halo . Call _ “The Sword Rex” _ or even the sword of the king, who wins it is no other than the teacher chief, whom we can also find in Reddit Place .

In addition, we also find a reference to one of the videogames of which much has been talked about in recent weeks, and that has conquered new players: Elden Ring . Indeed, we find the witch called Ranni, but in a Chibi version.

She is small, blue and very fast, of course you will have recognized Sonic , our favorite hedgehog. Present in this REDDIT Place, the latter is accompanied by the companion of him Tails , whom we know in the sequel to the film.

Even in what we could call tenderness, we obviously find Kirby, one of the most famous figures in Nintendo, immersed in the heart of the stars, as well as the animal license Crossing with Marie, the famous Chair Frog. However, our beloved Marie is not alone since she accompanies her… Doomguy , just left from Doom. For those who do not see a connection between these two icons, Eternal and Animal Crossing Doom: New Horizons were launched on the same day of the same year (March 20, 2020) and their respective developers had played at this point in networks Social, with a successful result inside a fairly successful fanart.

Let’s continue with Nintendo. It is not surprising that we obviously find the most famous plumber in the world with References to Mario passing through Mario Kart, Super Mario or even Toad and Yoshi . In addition, we also have the presence of the Zelda franchise Thanks to the Triferza logo, but also thanks to a pixel art that represents link and the princess .

Also in Nintendo, we also have our favorite creatures to capture several Pokémon. On the French side, the Streamers gave life to a Charizard Shiny , while we can also find a Dragonite, Victini and a Celebi Shiny . Subsequently, we also have a nice reference to one of our favorite Battle Royale with The Apex Legends logo , but also a nice tribute to Rocket League where we also find a representation of your logo .

Finally, we also have a small reference to the License of Destiny, the famous Bungie FPS, with the presence of a small spectrum, as well as Telesto, Queen Witch and the Rhulk logo, but also the presence of Hollow Knight with the representation of the protagonist but also from Radiance , the final boss of the game with the Elden Ring Aureum tree right behind him. Finally, mention the infinite number of small astronauts of Among Us that have been infiltrating in different works and that we will only see if we approach the tapestry

As for international cultural referents, they also treated us there. From an epic scene from Star Wars with The fight between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker In Episode 3, up One Piece with the farewell scene between our heroes and Vivi , there is Something for all. If you want to discover everything in the smallest details, a site has been created to see the smallest details, the smallest references there are.

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