Com2us, Summer Nourn European Tour 2022 … Berlin was a peak

Com2u (Representative Song Jae-joon, Lee) is a Global Hitting ‘Summer Nourner: “Summer Nersu Europe Tour 2022”, which is the first city, I said.

This ‘Summer Nournumu Wuelou Tour 2022’, which is held in three years since last 2019, has been communicating with fans in each major city in European regions in the long-term launch, and divide with the game I was designed for. By starting Berlin, Berlin, which is held as the first event in early April, Germany, visit the main cities such as France, Netherlands and meet local users.


First of all, the first tour in Berlin, Germany, held a hot response with a variety of programs associated with ‘Summer Nourners’ with 100 European fans together. In recruitment of participants in the previous participant, the tour ticket was properly sold out with the disclosure, not only Germany, but also participated in the tour in many countries in Europe, and realized the local hot popularity.

The event has been in the event of a variety of events, such as a quiz show that takes the knowledge of the user and the knowledge of ‘Summer Nourners’. Local users have time to share and share the decks of each other, and have time to study and communicate, and the Global E Sports Competition ‘Summer Nourners World Arena Championship’ last competition finals and game streas are invited to lock the runes I had a good time, including a 2vs2 tournament.

In addition, ‘Summer Nourners: Million War’, ‘Summer Nourn: Chronicle’, and the game sharing a world view, such as “Summer Nourd:” Summer Nourney “IP (Intellectual Property Rights) and expectations for new work.

Meanwhile, this ‘Summer Nourn European Tour 2022’ is expected to be held in Veri, Amsterdam, Cologne, Munich, and Munich.

Com2us official said, “The” Summer Nourners “is going to resume offline communication that the fans in Europe, which are long-running, and they are lacking offline communication with Corona 19,” said, “said,” We continued to build a variety of on offline events for world users and we will continue to build the brand power of Summer Nourners’ for the eighth anniversary of this year. “

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