Review: MLB The Show 22 (PS5) – Baseball Sim plays well but does not add enough

For those who spent last year integrated into the MLB the Show 21 lift enclosure, Sony San Diego Studio’s light but specific enhancements in MLB The Show 22 will be welcome. This is an annual payment where one of its main adjustments includes commercial logic adjustments, preventing teams from exchanging their featured players against succession launchers. To say it frankly, while this baseball simulation plays better than ever, the lack of significant additions will make it a somewhat difficult sale for the average fan of the MLB.

Of course, saying that there is no change would be unfair, but many titles here are read as update notes – regardless of the efforts invested behind the scenes. The flagship features include a new cooperative mode, which allows you to team online with up to two friends and face challengers around the world; In Diamond Dynasty, the flagship card collection mode, you will be able to combine your card collections, which will allow you to create a really great list, which is an incredibly fun idea.

There are also some rather important changes from March to October, the seasoned seasons of the franchise. In previous entries, it was a unique campaign, because you choose your favorite team and play key moments throughout the year on the road to the glory of the World Series. You will now be able to supervise several seasons, thanks to a very fun and fast intercomes system that allows you to choose free agents and customize your team. It is a very nice addition that adds longevity to the mode, which we actually prefer to traditional franchise mode only because of its simplified format.

Not content to be the most generous card collection mode, Diamond Dynasty also offers a new gameplay for unique players, in the form of mini seasons. These allow you to get your personalized team, made up of cards that you have collected, in a miniature league format, where you can compete for the XP program to upgrade your parallel player and cross missions. This, combined with conquest, cement the mode as being by far the best of its kind – and will give newcomers and veterans hundreds and hundreds of hours of pleasure.

Beyond these headlines, however, MLB The Show 22 starts to bleed in MLB The Show 21. The gameplay is fantastic, as always, and has been further refreshed with new animations and balance upgrades. An adjustment sees the vision of the slightly nerve batter when it is swinging for throws outside the typing zone, adding an ounce of additional realism. In addition, the field players can now perform perfect throws to bases outside of their homes, creating an even larger gap between medium field players and really exceptional players with very high notes.

The entire package has also been streamlined. While the previous entry was a bit crazy with battle pass programs in order to unify all of its modes, this year’s game is a little lighter on this forehead, while always reaching the same objectives. We fear a bit that the focus on a global program can lead to fewer rewards for casual players overall, but it’s a difficult thing to judge the day of the launch, and something we will have to watch over during the course. Next weeks. The bottom line is that everything seems a little more logical out of the box.

The same goes for Road to The Show, which unfortunately adopts the same old sports documentary format on the fly, but is now interspersed with new podcast segments. Although clear efforts have been invested in these – and they feel a little more polite and much less Microsoft Teams than last year – this mode desperately needs a spring cleaning because it looks crisp over That’s 2k sports in NBA 2K22. The progression is faster this year, which is great, and you can create several ballplayers – again, good news.

Less positive is the presentation, which is still a year without real improvement. A group of players received new face scans, including the hedging star and the bidirectional Sensation Shohei Ohtani, but all the same Dredgy dirt textures come back. For a game where you spend a lot of time watching good toned lawns, the MLB the show’s grass looks incredibly bad – it is tragic to think that this series was by far the most beautiful sports game on PS3 and PS4 because it’s miles out of the rhythm these days. We can only assume that Sony San Diego Studio provides great improvements for upcoming installments.

Despite all this, however, the game works very well – and it continues to have a zen quality, whatever the mode you play. There are some new difficulty levels that make the gameplay more manageable for all the capacities, and the personalized practice has received another pass to expand and even the possibility of replaying the games. During this time, the new team of commentators featuring Jon ‘Boog’ Sciambi and Chris Singleton is decent, although with a smaller library of lines to go, you will start to hear repeated sentences earlier than you would like..

Elsewhere, we are still testing the netcode, including the above-mentioned cooperation feature, and want to play on the launch day servers before associating a score at the game; This franchise has a rich history of its servers that have collapsed shortly after its release, after all. All crossed game features, which extend to cross-saving, however, seem promising – and with the addition of Nintendo Switch, you will be able to progress in motion for the first time from MLB 15: The Show on PS Vita.


It would probably be reducer to describe many improvements by MLB The Show 22 as the kind of thing you expect to find in the update notes, but it remains a little true. The gameplay is better than ever, and we really love the additions from March to October as well as the mini seasons mode in Diamond Dynasty. But if there is no doubt a simplified and improved version of the already excellent MLB The Show 21, casual players will have a hard time identifying the difference – and, frankly, some aspects of the series are really starting to tire.

MLB The Show 22 Career Mode - Part 1 - ROAD TO THE SHOW (PS5 RTTS Gameplay)
* The gameplay is fantastic
* Multi-season March to October
* Mini-seasons are fun
* Cooperation is cool
* Simplified program system

  • Aging and unimproved visuals
  • Very subtle changes
  • The comment is repeated quickly
  • Road to the show is tired

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