Mr. Jin, who has retired Nitro plus. Scenario writer such as “Sakai Daema Demon Baine” “Guilty Crown Lost Christmas”

Sinario Lighter Steel shop Jin announced retirement from Nitro Plus on Twitter on April 4. According to his tweets, he works free as well. He also seems not to fully pull out from Nitro Plus work.

Mr. Zin, a steel shop, is a planned and scenario writer who has been active and has been active. He is in charge of the script at the 18 prohibited wilderness and nematode Demon Baine, which was released in 2003 as a game work. Since then, the transplant version for PLAYSTATION 2 “Machinishi Demon Bain” and later “Machijo Demon Bain”, TV anime “Guilty Crown” spin-off game “Guilty Crown he has been a Lost Christmas”. In recent years, we are in charge of some scripts such as series composition and partial script of the anime version “Azul Lane”, “Guilty Crown” and “Actual Drama Swords Rani”. Nitro Plus spreads the place of activity, and he has also expanded his activities.

On April 4th, Nitro Plus retirement has become clear through the tweets of Mr. Jin, on Twitter. He seems to work as free. He also retired from Nitro Plus, but it is said that it is not completely out of the company’s work. Specifically, the setting materials collection with stories that were announced as one of the 15th anniversary projects of “Sakai Daema Demon Bain” are currently under production so that they can be delivered in the near future. He participates as a live-action movie second “Touken Sanka-Dawn-” in Nitro Plus “Touken-no-ONLINE-“. Even after leaving from Nitro Plus, he will continue to be involved in the company’s work.
[UPDATE 2022/04/04 15:22] Fixed the description of “Touken Rank-Dawn-“.

I would like to expect the future activities of Hitro, including Nitro Plus works, including the association of “Sakai Daema Demon Bain”. Also from Nitro Plus, the PLAYSTATION 2 version of the reverse transparf “Machine Goddess Demon Bain” is on sale from 2019 for PC.

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