Fallout 76: Double Eleven creates new content

Bethesda continues to provide for abundant replenishment in Fallout 76. With Season 8, the company has already published fresh new content and additionally announced that you will continue to support the game. Even a five-year roadmap should be in planning.

Now announced that Bethesda has teamed up with Double Eleven to create even more challenges and content for Fallout 76.

On the official website you have published the following statement: “We from Double Eleven have made us a name for us by working with some of the largest developers and publishers in the world. We are pleased to be able to announce that we have recently worked together with Bethesda Game Studios to create new challenges for Fallout 76 players. Since its publication in 2018, Fallout 76 has invited players from all over the world to create a unique dweller to leave The Vault and explore the many wonders and challenges of the Wasteland of Appalachia. “

“Bethesda and Double Eleven have started to talk to each other at the end of 2020, and since then, we have worked together on a variety of exciting new content that will enjoy this passionate fan base later in 2022.”

Fallout 76 - Double Eleven means NEW CONTENT? Bethesda welcomes BRITISH DEVS with open arms.....

“It’s a privilege that you are trusting to work on one of the most iconic franchises of the game history.”

Lee Hutchinson, CEO of Double Eleven, added: “The team we have put together for working on Fallout 76 is so passionate connected to the series that cooperation with Bethesda is a true dream.”

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