BVB | Halat-future: Norway-Coach Replace search

Although Erling Haaland in the country break itself had a muzzle and did not have a single interview, the athletic future of the BVB star around the games of the Norwegian national team conversation topic number 1. A spicy detail revealed his national coach Stale Solbakken in this context.

For a week, Erling Haaland was able to go out the annoying questions about his future. Even before his trip to the Norwegian national team, the superstar of the BVB himself gave himself a ban on talk. No interviews, no statements about his plans, no new speculation.

By Tuesday, the plan of the striker went on. Although his silence was hotly discussed in Norwegian media and shouted there understanding as scattered criticism, but on the whole, the 21-year-old was left al1. This unfamiliar feeling did not stop him to pursue his great passion: the goal shooting. One was in the game against Slovakia (2: 0), two more arrived at his only 45-minute appearance at 9: 0 against Armenia.

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Such a show has never been to Norwegian soil, Norway’s national coaches, then, surpassed Stale Solbakken when he has been holding Haalands performance: “We have probably never seen an explosiveness and such a timing.”

The “enormous physical package” and the “good understanding” for the game are the extraordinary at Haaland, who was named the “Man of the Match” despite a short-term use of the newspaper “Verse Gang”. “He is a weapon that every opponent is scared,” said Solbakken, knowledgeable that that’s the reason why the football world is looking forward to seeing for which club the superstar will go on goals hunting in the future.

This question could not and wanted to answer Solbakken not yet final, “but I probably know a bit more than her,” he said to the journalists present. He himself did not advise Haaland in any way, the coach assured. Nevertheless, he is regularly in contact with the 21-year-old. “And we talked about his future,” says Solbakken.

Solbakken: Haaland has not decided yet

That for Haaland at his decision-making begins the hot phase, his national coach did not bring. Unlike it was often read, the result is still open according to Solbakken. “We think a lot about it. And he also thought about it – and still thinks a bit,” the coach revealed.

He hope the striker and his team will find the “right club”, supplemented solbakken: “But we are firmly convinced.”

Until the far and the striker announces his decision, a few weeks will move into the country. It is now reported to Real Madrid and Manchester City are the two remaining clubs on Haalands Shortlist. How much truth is in it, only the Norwegian himself knows himself. He does not want to talk about it yet. Earlier or later he will have to comment. But until then, silence and goal shooting may be the best recipe against the annoying questions.

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