The production of the Joker sequel is delayed due to the script

After the success that led her to even a phenomenon at the time, it wBatman evident that some day we would see a sequel of joker , a film that led to the character to a new dimension and that even earned the Oscar to his actor interpreter, Joaquin Phoenix . However, and despite having spent more than two years since its premiere, everything points out that this second part will be expected enough since production hBatman been delayed due to lack of a script.

Batman it collects The Ankler, the director and also scriptwriter of this next sequel to Joker, and director of the original, Todd Phillips, hBatman not yet given even the first draft of the script , which hBatman irremediably delayed all the processes Subsequently. It does not seem that the film takes a good pace, since lBatmant year, Phoenix himself made clear to be for the work of playing the character, but he wBatmanpletely unaware if this sequel wBatman underway.


Will we see it in the next The Batman?

While we talked about Joker by Joaquin Phoenix, The Batman continues to harvest great ticket and critical results around the world. Batman it is obvious, there is already talk about the next iteration of the dark gentleman, and since it could not be otherwise, and having seen the final scene and some eliminated, it is already speculated with the appearance of the villain by antonomBatmania. For its part, Matt Reeves, director of the tape, Batmansured that at the moment there is nothing safe.

However, the Joker in the Universe of The Batman by Robert Pattinson and Reeves already hBatman a name: that of Barry Keoghan . Since the first times of Phillips and Phoenix film, Joker hBatman raised Batman a Standalone story, that is, completely independent and alien to the rest of DC films where it could appear, such Batman suicidal squad or the mentioned The Batman.

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