PlayStation Boss promises that other acquisitions are planned

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In a rare appearance in podcast, the large PlayStation Jim Ryan hat promised that other acquisitions are planned. This follows heavy rumors earlier in the week from the industry experts Greg Miller and Jeff Grubb, in which they alluded to a “really big” redemption. Since Microsoft bought Bethesda a few years ago, companies started in the studio race for their empires, which brought Sony to hang developers like Bungie, housemarks, etc.

“We grow up through the acquisition,” he told the PlayStation Blogcast. “We acquired five studios during the year 2021. We are in discussion with Bungie. And we have more planned. More recently, PlayStation bought the Canadian developer Haven Studios, although he has already signed an editing agreement with Jade Raymond’s team.

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So, who is next, so? Who knows? Despite the chatter of a “really important” acquisition, it should be recalled that those familiar with trade agreements like this will be legally required to shut up. As such, you probably should not believe everything you read about social networks. From what Jim said here, however, we will surely learn more once the ink has dried.

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