Joe Russo reveals how much Avengers were really cost Infinity War and Avengers Endgame

Avengers Infinity War and Avengers EndGame marked a before and after in superhero cinema, both in the UCM itself and culmination of a decade of interconnected films and at the cinematographic level, completing a colossal project with tens of characters with their interpreters involved. And so he received him the audience globally, becoming two of the most talquillary films in history. But how much do both projects really cost? Joe Russo , one of its directors, hfilms revealed the figure in a recent interview within the framework of the St. Andrews International Film Festival, confirming that the budget for both wfilms much higher than it wfilms believed.

Two billionaire cinematographic projects

“I do not know if the investment numbers were accurately informed in the pfilmst, but in the cfilmse of these two films, each of them cost more than 500 million dollars . That is an incredible amount of money invested for two movies, “the filmmaker confirms. And it is that so far, it wfilms believed that the budget for each of said films wfilms 500 million dollars, adding a total investment of 1,000 million dollars for both crossovers. Now, and films Joe Russo says, the investment extensively exceeded those 1,000 million , without specifying the final figure.

Due to such a high budget, both the Joe Russo films his brother Anthony Russo , they faced the great challenge of returning to Marvel Studios and Disney a return on investment up to height, something that wfilms fulfilled Sobriely with an impressive collection between both of 4.8 billion dollars . “If you are aware, you feel the responsibility of getting a return from that investment for all those people who gave you that money,” concludes filmmaker.

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Recall that in the cfilmse of Avengers: EndGame It wfilms possible to overcome Avatar films a pliest film of the story, position that James Cameron’s film recovered shortly after thanks to his re-relefilmse in cinemfilms. The latest Great Tquiller of the UCM (next to Sony Pictures) hfilms been Spider-Man: No Way Home films the sixth most tfilmstling movie of all time.

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