Berghuis makes the lid on it: Ajax scores in the title race

After some scanning in the initial phase, it went to the 12th minute for the first time: Berghuis’ flank from the right wing became more and longer and touched the lower edge of the latte before the ball could be transported from the danger zone.

Beach Larsen soulful – Ajax beats twice

In the episode, the guests were getting stronger, then the beach Larsen took the leader of the Eredivisie the wind from the sails: After a fine solo of Abraham, the Norwegian zired the ball to the 1-0 in the left corner. Ajax Keeper Onana was still on the ball with the fingertips, but could not prevent the opposite goal (20.).

Until the break, Groningen was the better team, but missed the 2-0 several times. The punished AJAX in the reflection time freezing time: First, the completely unused classes pushed the ball after a short distance from Tadic from a short distance to compensation over the line (45. + 1), only a few minutes later, Amsterdam got a penalty after a penalty after thanks to Danklerlui a flank had clarified with his arm into the goal. Tadic turned sovereign (45. + 6).

Groningen presses, amsterdam disciplined

After the break, Groningen strive, but desperate something to the Amsterdam behind team. The guests were defensively disciplined and patiently waited their own possibilities. However, since the home owners did not want to take too much risk, significant scorchances remained at the beginning of the second half.

Only after a good 20 minutes, a few holes in the AJAX defensive on, groningen increased gradually the pressure. The best way in this phase had striker beach Larsen, whose header made from short distance onana (68.).

Berghuis sets the closing point – PSV under Voltwang

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The households stayed at the end, but Ajax defended well. In the detention time then Berghuis made the lid on it: In one-counter-one, the midfielder pushed the ball cool to the 3-1 final score in the short corner.

Leader Ajax thus builds the distance on the direct pursuer from Eindhoven for the time being to five points, Götze and Co. are in the evening in Enschede under Voltzwang.

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