More than 50 pieces of sales for Nintendo Switch. The lowest price update title is also one after another in a large title such as “Kingdom Hearts”

A new sale of titles for Nintendo Switch started March 30 at Nintendo E-Shop. 56 titles are eligible, and in this paper, we pick up some pickups and introduce them.

New Nintendo ESHOP Sale Has Some HUGE DEALS! Will You Add To The Backlog?

The highlight of this sale will be the “Kingdom Hearts” series. Both are off 20%, “Kingdom Hearts-HD 1.5 + 2.5 Remix-Cloud Version” is 4224 yen, “Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue Cloud Version” is also 4224 yen, “Kingdom Hearts III + Re MIND ( DLC) Cloud Version “is 5984 yen,” Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory “is also 5984 yen. The works that are Cloud Version will be played through cloud streaming. I would like to try the trial version before purchasing and see if it can be played comfortably in your own communication environment.

In the title that updated the lowest price, the Mercenary Cat Agriculture & Action RPG “Nyanza Adventure” is 50% off 990 yen. Full-scale farm management simulation game “Farming simulator 20” is 60% off 2480 yen. Cthulhu Mythology Suspense Adventure Game “Call of Ktruff” is 60% off 1032 yen. Action RPG “Children of Molta” is 65% off 1386 yen for action RPG “Children of Molta”. Lost Memory LPG RPG “Blue Reflection Tie / Tei” is 35% off 5577 yen. In addition, both “Sophie’s Atelier-Wonderful Book Alchemist-DX” and “Filis’s Atelier-DX” are at 30% off 3696 yen.

A large number of battle fighting games in the arc system works are developed or selling. “GUILTY GEAR”, “Guilty Gear”, “Guilty Gear” series, is 60% off 488 yen. “Blazblue CentralFiction Special Edition” is 53% off 53%. “BLAZBLUE” “P4U” “Under Night In-Birth” “RWBY” collaborated “BLAZBLUE CROSS TAG BATTLE” is 76% off 1003 yen. “Under Night In-Birth EXE: Late [CL-R]” is 44% off 2956 yen. “Chaos Code-New Sign of Kata Strophe” is 41% off 578 yen. The game version of the anime “Kirlakir” “Kirlakir the game-Sales-” is 72% off 1939 yen. “Bushido Blade” affected Know! Know! “” Is 46% off 990 yen.

In other selling titles, “Sengoku Musou 5” is 35% off 5577 yen. “NINJA GAIDEN” series 3712 yen off “NINJA GAIDEN: Master Collection” with 3 works. The “Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection Version D” is also 25% off the “Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection Version D”. A “Madrunner: American Wild” is 75% off 45% off Road Truck Off-Road Truck. “Nobunaga’s ambition, ambition with power up kit” is 5390 yen off by 50% off. By the way, the day of Nobunaga is “Nobunaga’s ambition day” today.

In addition, in the indie game, misunderstanding Japan marathon game “Nippon Marathon” is 34% off. Mystery Horror ADV “TOKYO DARK-REMEMBRANCE-” is 50% off 900 yen. A battle action “Battlloon-Batroun” is 50% off 395 yen with a battle action “Battlloon-Batroun”. A strategy simulation game “Tiny Metal” affected by “Nematic Wars” is 917 yen off by 50% off. Occulthorror Novell Game “Mayonaka Gallan” is 50% off 611 yen.

In Nintendo e-shop, many titles are in sale including other than those added this time. Because the end date is different depending on the title, please check the respective store page for details.

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