FPS “Nightmare Reaper” with Retro and Modern Fusion Official Release-Faults a large amount of enemies with more than 80 weapons

Retro-style FPS “Nightmare Reaper” by Blazing Bit Games, which was conducting early access from STeam in July 2019, has been officially released.

This work is influenced by the retro FPS of the 90’s, and it is a fast person who features intense fighting in the dark that has been produced and created with modern router shooters and rogue elements. A map that handmade and random generation fused, using more than 80 unique weapons with random enchantments, fight a large number of enemies to escape from the destruction destiny.

NIGHTMARE REAPER is Pulpy Pixel Fun - Review (Spoiler-Free)
A mini game that consumes and plays gold acquired in the way, enabling character enhancement and acquisition of new skills. Also, there are also various random events and hidden elements during the game.

Note that coordination based on feedback does not end with formal release, but also adjustment based on feedback. In addition, if you do not have a promise, I would like to work on MOD, multiplayer compatible, new game mode implementation, etc., and it is said that other languages ​​and platforms need to be considered.

“Nightmare Reaper” is selling at $ 2,570 / 24.99 for PC (Steam, Gog.com). In addition, commemoration of the official release and sold 15% off discounted price (¥ 2,184 / 21.24) for a limited time.

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