APEX LEGENDS is now optimized on PS5 and Xbox Series

Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment deploy this March 29 a new update for APEX LEGENDS including a new card as well as the return of the control mode in 9 against 9 during a two-week event. But the good news for the happy owners of a new generation console is that this update is also that of optimization on PS5 and Xbox Series.

Compared to the backward compatibility, this optimization includes a 4K HDR display in 60 frames per second, a better display distance and more detailed shadows. Note that PS5 players will need to manually download the PS5 version of the game, while the Smart Delivery will automatically do things on Xbox Series.

New generation improvements available

In addition, EA and Respawn have planned to integrate a 120 frames per second and provide additional visual and sound enhancements. PS5 players will also be entitled to support adaptive triggers and the haptic return of the Dualsense controller.

coming in future updates

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