Sklat at the Oscars: Will Smith beats Chris Rock in the face!

In yesterday, the Dolby Theater of Los Angeles took place in the meantime 94. Award of the Oscars. Actually, this is always an event full of glamor and good mood, because after all, the most important award in the film industry is in focus. But this time it came to a tangible score during the event.

Will Smith beats strongly

The incident passed shortly before the award of the Oscars for the best documentary. As a Laudator for this, the well-known comedian Chris Rock (Rush Hour) stepped onto the stage. In his typical flap-like, Rock first brought some more or less funny sayings to the best. One of them was at the expense of Jada Pinkett Smith , the wife of the actor Will Smith . He could not wait to see them in the successor of the film “The Act Jane”. He played on the bald of Jada and shot out of the target.

The bald is not a fashion gag, but rises from a disease when Jada Pinket Smith has suffered since last year. At first, her husband laughed smith even over the saying, but ran a little later on the stage to Chris Rock to miss him a sounding slap . This was followed by a short verbal confrontation in which Smith asks the Comedian asked to leave his wife out of the game.

Will Smith receives an Oscar

Chris Rock initially reacted irritated and probably did not know if and how he should continue. But ultimately he had relatively well under control and led professionally for the presentation of the best documentary. Incidentally, it was not the only appearance of Will Smith this evening. In the later course of the event he came to the stage again. This time, however, the occasion was much more enjoyable, because he accepted the award for the best actor , which he received for his participation in the movie “King Richard”. Incidentally, the Blu-ray of the film can already be pre-ordered.

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