[New Cowers & Xin-Winged Winged Wings] “Dragon Away Kun” New SSR Cow Body “Flower Machine Wings” Holding New SSR Light Wings “Flower Flower Events” will appear! Collect “Hanami Doko” and get luxury rewards!

Inc. (Head office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) is a full-fledged fantasy RPG [Dragon Away Kin], and from March 27, 2012 (Sunday), New Event [Early Spring Flower Event! We hold. We will inform you about this event that you can earn luxurious rewards such as the new SSR cowder “Ganto Machine Machine Wings” and the new SSR light wing “Bizarre Machinery Wings”.

Event Period: March 27, 2022 (Sun) 0: 01-2022 (Saturday) 23:59

Dragon Away Kun
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# This beauty of the sun! New fanters and new light wings appearing!

This season when the warm day increases, and the flowers will begin to leave the face. It is a flower that is essential to say spring!

So, “Flower Flower Events” will be held in the Saint City, the stage of “Dragon Away Kun”!

In addition to the new SSR cowder “Ganto Machine Machine” and New SSR Light Blade, which will be the first appeared this time, the costume set “Yuyu poet” and LR hero “Sky King of Beauty”, and more Various ultra luxurious rewards appeared such as a spring-like limited title ticket “flower rather than flower” “Sakura” and “August”

New SSR Cow Body “Gift Mio”

New SSR Light Wings “Machine Wings of Phantom”

Costume set “Yuyu poet” (female version + male version)

LR Hero “Bright Monkey King”

# Collect “Hanami Duma” and earn a costume set and a limited title!

When you collect “Hanami Duma”, the parts of the costume set “Yuyu poet” and LR hero “Sebi King of the Beauty”, and even a limited title ticket “Sakura” “Sakura” “Sakura” “August” Can be exchanged!

The “Hanami Duma” required for replacement can be obtained daily with login, “jewelry match” “incandescent, raid game”, and even a gacha event! Get every event and get rewards other than “Hanami Doko”!

# A new rudge roulette appears a new cowing animal “ghosting” and a new light wing “Machine wing” appeared!

In the luxury ruleret, the new cower “Gantoku Machine” and the New Blade “Machine Wings” in addition to “Phantom Machinery Wings”, the parts of the costume set “Yuyu poet” etc. can be acquired!

Besides this, various LR heroes can earn various LR heroes with hero Gacha, and during the period
Please enjoy “Dragon Away Kun” which will continue to evolve more and more!

We look forward to your participation!

# New registrant support campaign in progress! If you start, it is recommended now!

Limited to start a new [Dragon Away Qin]! A new registrant support campaign is underway! Get Limited Heroes, such as “Kozo’s House” and “Red Witch” in the login bonus!

# With Dragon Away Chan

[Dragon Away Qin] is a full-scale fantasy RPG that the player who is “a wake up dragon child” compulses the dragon to erode the continent, with the battle dragon and hero.

Official PV

The only terrestrial furniture, a rich solo dungeon, PVP, team match, etc. Voice by beautiful animation and popular voice actor! Please pay attention to the beautiful battle scene!

“Dragon Away Qin” Official Site https://www.ingame.jp/gameinfo/da_ingame_landing.php Official Twitter https://twitter.com/dragonawaken_jp

If online games “In-game” https://www.ingame.jp/ https://twitter.com/ingame_JP

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