Battle Ground Mobile, Supercar Lamborghini and College

Battle Ground Mobile (representative Kim Chang-ha) said on the 28th that the World Ground Mobile is a global Super Sports Car Brand Lamborghini (Lamborghini) and College. Through this collage, users can meet a lot of car brand Lamborghini, a lot of car brand Lamborghini, who is eager.

First, a ‘Lamborghini Box’, which can acquire three skins of the Lamborghini Vehicle, is released. Vehicle skins that can be obtained through ‘Lamborghini Box’ ▲ Lamborghini Aventador SVJ (Lamborghini Aventador SVJ) of V12 engine, ▲ 4-door GT Concept, 4 door GT Concept, ▲ Super Gt Concept, ▲ Super Lamborghini URUS (Lamborghini Urus), which adds the efficiency of SUV vehicles to sports cars. Each skin is released in two colors, such as Metal Gray, Safari Green, and so on. In addition to the six species of skins, users can see ‘Lamborghini Hidden Skin’ as a variety of compensation. ‘Lamborghini Box’ can be purchased from May 3 (Tue).

Lamborghini Crate Opening | New Lamborghini Crate Opening | Lamborghini Giveaway | Lambo Giveaway

In addition, login events such as ‘Lamborghini paint’ are held on the connection on the connection.

Lamborghini was founded by Perricho Lamborghini, who wanted to create a super sports car in 1963. The world’s brand Lamborghini’s philosophy is innovative, and focuses on creating unique styles through excellent vehicles.

For more information on ‘Lamborghini’ college and events, see Battle Ground Mobile Official Cafe.

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