LOL: The play of a half yuumi that ended in tragedy for the rival team

Being playing the soloq of League of Legends is something so that all players have spent at some point in their career with the game, either in the lane phase or at other times of a game. Now, being eliminated by the opponent at level 1 is not something so common, even more against a yuumi in the central lane , as was the case of a player who certainly had no idea what he was about to happen.

The user Goodudegood published a video of the play in question through Reddit. Neustrian protagonist was playing with Corki and faced a yuumi in the central lane. At first some basic attacks were exchanged, but what he did not count was that the most hated cat of videogames had a sword of Doran, with the rune of lethal compass and with anxious to assassinate from the first seconds of departure.

What happens can even be said that it is a bit pathetic. The enemy yuumi threw himself forward and continued with the basic attacks taking advantage of the speed of attack granted by the rune. Corki does not realize that it is a battle that he will not win and tries to continue exchanging blows with her, even omitting a second use of her phosphor pump, something that would definitely mark the difference in the play.

Dying with the turning on top, Yuumi left with the prime of the party after 2 minutes of play. Despite disastrous start, the user said in Reddit that, in the end, she managed to overcome the game and her team won with conviction. The enemy yuumi, on the other hand, was not cooperating a lot with his own team and completed his _build full of objects focused on the basic attacks and speed of attack, being alone in the rails, that is, ignoring much of what the Champion skill kit. As Corki’s player informed, it was a qualifying game of platinum range.

Judging by the player’s record, she was evidently controlling the game by selecting yuumi for the central lane without making a build that greatly increase the potential of the champion and staying deliberately away from the allies of it.

???? Never first pick Yuumi against Tyler1
In Reddit, users had the most diverse reactions before the movement. The comment with more vothos in favor says: “CORKI always on my team”. In response to this joke, the continuation: “Can we have a corki? We already have a corki at home. The Corki at home:”

Other users pointed out that the champion is one of the worst for exchanges at level 1, and these were quickly refuted by other commentators who claimed that, if the player in question had begun with repetition canyon, the story would have been different.

At the end of the day, the message is not to underestimate certain selections of unusual champions and the potential damage they can cause. Specifically in LOL, we know how the champions with the role of support are far from being harmless characters, especially in the early stages of a match.

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