Ghostwire Tokyo Tanuki Hunt Quest Guide: Look for a Tanuki

Ghostwire: Tokyo has dozens of annoying Yokai who float through the city. One of the most popular animal yokai is the Tanuki, which resembles the American raccoon, but something dog-like. There are several side quests you introduce in Ghostwire: Tokyos Yokai, and some are more difficult to complete than others. In this manual we help you at the side quest “Tanuki Hunt” in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

TANUKI Hunting in Ghostwire: Tokyo

Tanuki Hunt Ghostwire Tokyo

The Tanuki are not only sweet and cuddly, they are masterpiece. Well, kind of mastering. This quest will be available to you clean the Shiroyama Shrine This is done by progressing history. After you have done this, there is a TANUKI that you need to use with Spectral Vision right outside the building of the main season to read its thoughts. If you do this, you get the side quest Tanuki hunt.

In the side quest Tanuki hunt in Ghostwire: Tokyo you have the task of hunting the rest of the Tanuki, which are hidden throughout Tokyo. The first hidden Tanuki is close and serves as a learning aid for the rest you will find on your adventures.

The first TANUKI is relatively easy to find. If you are on the building of the shrine, go straight away and down the steps. Go past Tanuki to your left and down the next steps. Turn down to the bottom right and go to the building around the bamboo fence. On the right of his steps, a basket with ring tail protrude. Interact with the basket to officially find the Tanuki.

If you have trouble finding it, use your spectral view will highlight the hidden tanuki. You will want to use that if you are looking for the rest throughout the city.

As soon as you have found the hidden Tanuki, just return to Boss Tanuki to give the quest. He will thank you for your work and hire you to find the rest of his scattered Tanuki gang. When you complete the quest, you will receive 3,000 Meika and 150 XP. It is helpful to do the side quest Tanuki hunt at an early stage, because while exploring the rest of Tokyo, you can now find hidden Tanuki.

And that’s all you need to complete the side quest Tanuki hunt in Ghostwire: Tokyo. If you are interested in more help for your trip through Tokyo, stay with our Ghostwire: Tokyo Guides.

Ghostwire: Tokyo is available on March 25,2022 for PlayStation 5 and PC.

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