[GDC 2022] COVID in GDC, is the scenery of the scene?

March 24th. San Francisco. It is a GDC visit of 6 years of the year. As long as it is a glorious place, reporters are an invisible event as a nightmare for the aunt. I have pleaded I will not be able to go back twice again, and I sent it once again when I visited the second time, I thought I would consider leaving it, and I stepped on this place for the gear nose. I do not know what other reporters to go to the time of the time.

Anyway, I could not help it, I wanted to put the scene in the scene. A smaller personal curiosity (I will not really mask Americans?) Since the GDC, a tremendous infraredness is still a boomer GDC, the official WiFi, which was the only faster, I wondered if it was still filled.

So, a number of miscellaneous procedures and documents for this cities arrived at San Francisco to prepare documents. Moscon center that I arrived. The real people do not make masks. Oh my gosh. I feel like I have to take off. But should not. I do not have to take it to return home.

※ This article is composed of photos of expo in GDC, not lecture.

The first thing that is the first thing that is certainly the number of people definitely. If the previous GDC has been expressed in the words that the former GDC expressed in the words ‘waves of the art’, the GDC is now modest than a few years ago compared to a few years ago.

Then, when the large lecture is full of large lectures, the sights that have not been able to see the gap newly lecture is now. Rather, in the case of large lectures, it was difficult to fill half of the audience, and most of the lecture was made at a small size of the size, and the bustling lobby was filled with the same for the last day.

GDC 2022: Game Developers Conference Returns to San Francisco After Three Years

Expo is also not very different. However, if it is a difference between Korea, the participants were consciously invisible to place the distance from each other. As before, it was only a difference in the number of absolute people, but once they participated, they showed the story and together as well as the preliminary pretreatment.

The interesting thing is that people who entered the GDC event, unlike most of them, unlike the exterior of most cases, which have not escaped from the MOSCON Center, the venue. “The United States already went back to the Covid”, “said the word” the United States has been back “,” said the word “the United States has been” the United States “.

GDC Expo is carried out in the Underground of the South Hall of the MOSCON center and North Hall. If there is a country in the basement of North Hall and a cafeteria, there is a booth of a large makers, including the Diamons Sponsor, such as Unity and Amazon Web Services, on the side of the South Hall.

The booth of the WMADIDIDENDATIONS. Alternatively, this Expression’s Wymade Booth was noticeable enough to look at the tremendous efforts of this Expo. They have met in the local, but there are many interesting things in the expo, but the most irregularity was the booth of WMADIDIDID.

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