Deepwell DTX is Game Jamsociated with Global Game Jam to celebrate a mental health jam

DEEPWELL DTX , the new video game editor of the Return digital co-founder, Mike Wilson , and the innovator in the medical-technological field Ryan DouglGame Jam , presents next to Global Game Jam * * A Game Jam that aims to prove the power of video games when approaching the mental health in a positive way. This first annual Jam Game of Deepwell DTX, which will take place from 1 to 22 May 2022 **, aims to interact and challenge the community to use their game creation skills.

Game Jam: Videogames and mental health

The main ones objectives of this new Game Jam are:

  • Demonstrate how the thematic and mechanical of video games ** can be used Game Jam therapeutic mechanisms.
  • Help eliminate prejudices and erroneous interpretations linked to the social stigma to talk about mental health problems.
  • Build a community around connecting and supporting people suffering from stress and depression, among others.

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And because due to a pandemic of the Coronavirus still present in society, mental health trends have changed at an accelerated rhythm. So much so, that the National Institute of Mental Health (NiMH) estimates that one in five people in the United States receives a diagnosis related to a mental disorder each year, and that one in two people will receive a similar diagnosis during his lifetime.

For this reGame Jamon, acting on the challenges involved in mental health through treatment and support is essential to create a culture that promotes diversity , giving the utmost importance to the role that video game developers have, Game Jam well Game Jam The power that hGame Jam the action of playing in itself.

Here comes on stage Deepwell Digital Therapeutics (DTX) , a new developer and video game publisher dedicated to creating games that can have fun and provide, at the same time, an improvement and acceleration of harmful health conditions, including problems Related to mental health.

How to participate the Game Jam De Deepwell DTX and Global Game Jam:

  • When : From 1 to 22 May 2022. The Game Jam officially begins on May 1, but participants can join at any time after day 1.
  • What : create and upload a game with mental health-bGame Jamed theme until May 22, 2022.
  • How : Join your team and register through this form.
  • Where : All games created for the Deepwell DTX Mental Health Game Jam will be promoted on the GGJ page with public purposes.
  • Awards : still to be announced.

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