“Kawagori” finally “Samurari brother and sister” is a chance! Episode videos of the new character “Kamisato Aya” release

HOYOVERSE publishes the new character “ ★ 5 Kasato Aya (Wednesday, one hand swords) ” for the PS5 / PS4 / smartphone / PC open World RPG “ Little God “. did.

Kamisato Ayi is one of the three truths that support lightning, and is the current tradition of the Shrimp Samurai family. He is a playable character “Kamisato Aya” brother, calm and polite, and it is a talented person who handles things.

In the “Character Episode Video” published, Kamisato Aya and Samurai Aya finally have a chance. We showed me the older brother and sister who was mentioned only by the text. I also join the “Toma” of Road, and the horny one scene of the Shirato official is drawn. Masato’s thought and video last semantic line is also a must-see.

In terms of performance, “ Periodically damaged attackers “. A swallowing sprouts will be spread quickly, quick slashing, and water element damage is given continuously, and the element explosion expands “Kiyoden Garden” and gives sustainable water element damage to enemies within the range. increase. In addition, ally within the range usually uploads the attack damage.

In addition, since the “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” is required to the heavens, Those who aim to get it are good to collect from now.

Samurai Ayi appeared in the next version “Ver. 2.6, the Garden of Shion,” appeared in the first phase of the event prayer “Flower Standing Flower”. Updates will be implemented on March 30.

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