Best festival decks N / R – Yugioh Master Duel

In this time-limited event in the center of attention, the fans of the decks were again. Yugioh Master Duel provides new events to challenge their duel players using certain formats to earn precious stones. Due to restrictions on the use of only rarity maps N and R, many OTK decks (knocking in one run) are invalid. Players can freely use archetypes in their choice, but here are the decks that won quickly and stable.

Kaizuy – Danger – Mecc – Greidl

These decks are focused on the use of extremely strong monsters, which can a special call for one move to remove the monsters from the opposite side of the field. Using Mecc Monsters in tandem with Kaizhu Monsters, players can easily clean the board, and also use Cobra Greidl Take control of any monster Kaizhu, transferred to the enemy. Danger Cards may be caused by a special call or thrown on the cemetery to then be extracted with World Heritage Site . With powerful xyz players have sufficient control of the boards, removal of monsters and immunity to the effects of cards.

Real Draco – Shada

Real Draco And also Shades Decals Use Continuous Spells And also Trappers K Call Dani True Monsters Draco, Using Monsters Shadow to even more to make a deck. Monsters of the shadow can also be used for Communication as well as XYZ Challenge, as well as for their own effects, but the focus is on True Draco. Each continuous spell and traps have effects that allow you to get rid of spells and enemy traps, as well as from its monsters whenever they go to the cemetery. They also have Special call as well as Figure effects, which simplifies obtaining the necessary resources as quickly as possible.

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Gadget – Infinitrack

Gadgets as well as Infinitrek Monsters all Earth ball monsters except Silver as well as Golden gadget . Using Combine Infinitrack or either Heavy cargo train Derrickran or Super express super-speed passenger express Players can call number 77: seven sins . It can delete everything Special Call Monsters. Anchor Drill Infinitrack You can use with any card of the gadget for call number 97: Draglubion which can then call additional XYZ Monsters love number 92: Dragon heart-land get rid of all opponents Set or ordinary and a special appeal during their final phase .

Other famous decks

MetalFoes can be used with a big effect with reliable Call of pendulum as well as Call of merger . These are strong monsters that can have the potential of SW with the right circumstances.

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Ghosts Niche Milling And also Direct attack deck depending on how it is built. With the participation of Ghost Museum as well as Ghost Witch And also doll Monsters enemy can be blocked in a protective position by face down.

Megalith Decodes have the strongest OT-potential, and they are relatively easy to purchase a solo mode . Megalith Faleg as well as Betor ** are major threats and can quickly and reliably destroy cards.

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