Point premiums for the rise of FC Schalke 04

For FC Schalke 04, there is only one goal in the remaining plays of the current season of the 2nd football Bundesliga: ascent to the Oberhaus. The club also sets financial incentives for the professionals of S04.

Fc Schalke - attack combination - 4 variants
The FC Schalke 04 absolutely wants to leave it for a year’s second class. In order to send this signal to the players, the area club led a point premium system, according to “Schalke Image” in the past summer, from which a variety of players benefit.

These royal blue professionals thus also have a financial incentive to go for Schalke 04 to the performance maxim. The simple rule: the higher the table space, the higher the premium per point.

If Schalke 04 is located in the table in the table in the table in the table, the player per week is 3,000 euros. The recent 2: 1 success against Hannover 96, for example, brought the players additionally 9,000 euros. If the team in the table, however, slipped, the premium would fall to “only” 2,000 euros per point.

ex-Schalke star conceded tenfold

Although so far 47 revenues for the affected players is a lot of money together, in comparison to previous regulations, the system introduced in the summer is more austerity. For example, “Schalke Image” reports that in the Treaty of Ex-Knap Defender Matija Nastasic had anchored a fixed point premium of 30,000 euros.

The 28-year-old played six years on Schalke before he moved to AC Florence after the descent from the Bundesliga and signed there until 2023. With the rule introduced in the summer, the area club wanted to distribute the premiums on several shoulders, rather than prefer to individual stars.

Currently, the FC Schalke 04 ranks fourth fourth and has a counter behind the relegation rank the SV Darmstadt 98 occupied. The FC St. Pauli and the SV Werder Bremen are more than Schalke on the places one and two with four counters.

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