Jimmy Hartwig expects leadership position at the DFB

Jimmy Hartwig hopes for the choice of Bernd Neuendorf to the President his own climb within the German Football Federation (DFB).

“I now expect from the new DFB president that Jimmy Hartwig gets a leadership position for what I’ve been doing for nine years. I do not want to be command recipients at the DFB,” said Hartwig at Sky.

Hartwig is currently working as Ambassador for Fair Play at DFB. The two-time national player had also considered a candidacy for the office of President in the past.

“I wanted to become DFB president and thought, if you do that, will certainly come directly from the Shit Storm. But no, there was only positive feedback,” said Hartwig.

Jimmy Hartwig 1984
His candidacy then moved back the 67-year-old later. “To become president, you have to be proposed by two, three national associations. The national associations who had previously screamed, they would support me, everyone appeared on vacation at the time. Or have a world trip, so I said: Okay, I’ll do what I can do better and continue with the work with the volunteer at the base. “

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