Elden ring endings explains: How to get the best end

Elden Ring has three main and some variants in between. Only the standard end has variations, whichever whose quests they have accepted and who have decided to swear their loyalty. Fortunately, on the whole, they are not excluded from no end per se, so they usually have free hand over which end they want to achieve. Obviously, there is the canonal end, but the players may not look at it as the best. Here we will, as objective as possible, the three main ends go through and find out which that is probably the best end in Elden Ring.

Which is the best end in Elden Ring?

Lord of the hand

This is the standard end of Elden Ring. You will climb the throne and become Elden Lord. The canonal end is called Age of Fracture. Nothing else really happens. Elden Lord was from the beginning of her original intention, so this is a good end.

Age of Stars

Instead of interacting with the fractured Marika statue, you add Ranni The Witch. In this end she becomes the queen of the throne and takes you, the stained as her Elden Lord. With all the memes running on the internet that you have no girl, this beats 2 flying with a flap. In the end you have not only a virgin, but also girl of the Elden throne.

How to get Every Ending in Elden Ring

Lord of the raging flame

This is considered a bad end. They essentially look the world burn, as they were cured by the three fingers. The ground tree has already been put on fire, but they just bring what the hell looks like on earth, but in the countries in between. This can be reversed when you follow Millicents Quest to the end.

The best end

ES is a draw between Age of the Stars and the Simple Elden Lords. On the one hand, Elden Lord means to take control that they have reached their destination. On the other hand, with Ranni, you have proven the opposite with Ranni at your side White-Faced Varre, but then you remove yourself from the focus of the throne.

Elden Ring is now available for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X / S and PC.

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