Ibai, Auron and Knekro; Three views necessary to understand the problem of Xokas

This weekend has been quite moved for the creators of Spanish-speaking content because of all the controversial that has emerged through xokas and its unforgivable mess with secondary accounts in the He insulted, threatened and even showed macho and homophobic attitudes with other content creators of the same platform. Obviously, this has dounted to many of his colleagues who by active or passive were related to him how can be Ibai, Auron or Knekro.

It is here when these three had to go out to talk about the subject, which in my opinion, it grits me because every time someone from the community has to leave IBAI to give explanations. Removing this, the answers and reflections that each one of them left were very sensible and especially sharp: Xokas has done something deeznable and know that he needs professional support.

Auron did not hesitate to respond directly

Auronplay was one of the most sharp when he talks about what happened with the streamer in question: “ You are not the number one , that position is between me and Ibai.” While some may think that this response gives Aires of superiority A Auron, it is true that Xokas has not been compassionate with the people who have insulted on Twitter and it has even been quite poisonous with their “Haters “ In the blue social network.

He has not hesitated to point out where the problem is and what he should do to solve it, since psychological help is quite necessary for him at this time if he wants, at least, to be a normal person with his most and his less.

IBAI calls reflection and self-criticism but pointing out the problem that there is

IBAI It was not with so many darts like Auronplay, but the thoughts of him are similar about the problem that Xokas has. In addition, he wanted to add that even his friend, you always have to point out the problem and criticize when necessary: ​​”What is also a very good friend is being honest with him. If you justify everything that is a friend of yours For the fact of being a friend of yours you are being a fucking friend “.


Ibai’s words are more than necessary, but I want to emphasize a message that sent a subscriber from his: “ You continue to collaborate with him and giving speaker to his shit (…) that all his roll of harassment and insult It is not new, only viral “. The streamer Basque responded Sensately and self-critically: “What do you want me to tell you, is right , is not the first time that someone’s comment (…) For my part I do not get everything right and do not always face things in the right way. We saw this type of behavior in their day and we did not give importance or laugh. “

These statements seem right from Ibai, because yes, Xokas has done horrible things for some time and nobody has stopped his feet. It is not bad to make self-criticity when necessary, and when they saw these attitudes they were wrong when they did not try to stop their feet long before he exploded at all.

KNEKRO and learn to know when stopping

KNEKRO It was also reluctant to everything that did the streamer gallege all this time, and left a clear message about the problems that I could bring to try to compete for being number 1: “ What good is the Number one if then you’re a person shit (…) that it may have everything you have if you’re not worth it at all “. This type of statements are painful for all but especially realistic, because the problem and obsession of Xokas with the numbers is to need aid from professionals.

I have also had problems with the numbers, but I could stop in time “; Comment Knekro. He has also wanted to dedicate several words to the memes that were done throughout the night in which everything happened, affirming that yes, that many of them were funny and taking it to laughter was not bad at all. The truly bad thing is that the jokes pay the real problem that Xokas has with not being able to receive a single negative comment and the professional help he needs urgently.

There are many content creators who have spoken, even Xokas opened directly yesterday presenting some apologies that they still know little because even the same one knows that His pride of him will not let him ask for forgiveness honestly . The first step is already done, it is only necessary to try to improve as a person and assume all the Hate that it receives a faint, rational and sensible way because the most poisonous comments are not recovered with a simple forgiveness, cure with acts that demonstrate that you have Changed and that you truly regret everything you have done in the past.

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