Added Character Characteristics Characters Boxing Star

Nezza Thirts (4:33) has updated the character characteristic system to the mobile sports game ‘Boxing Star’, Global Services.

Boxing Star: Skill Build Series | Uppercut Stunner Hunter | Quick Gear Update | Widestep FTW !

The newly added character characteristics are divided into light, middle, heavyweight, depending on the weight of the performance by granting their own ability to improve the performance by granting their own ability to improve the performance, and the attack power increases, increasing attack power, and increasing speed, there is. Each characteristic can be obtained at the completion of the unique mission given for each character, and it is possible to purchase as a commodity in the game.

With the character characteristics, four more powerful posture skills were added. New Skills consisted of a total of four consolidated countermaster, a countermaster of the opponent, a countermaster of the other party,

In addition, skills and training systems that help character growth have been reorganized. This reorganization has made it possible to train up to six times by the number of times the number of times. In addition, Knight Costume of the Interior of Medieval Knight was also updated.

Memorial Day is a 10-day game, only a total of 10 consolidated games.

Memorial Fool’s Day, we will conduct a gift event of April Fool’s Day when you enter the coupon code through game links in the game for a month from 25th to April 25.

Meanwhile, ‘Boxing Star’ is characterized by a simple touch operation and has implemented a jab and hook, and implement a cool strike of a boxing game, and a variety of externalities and ornaments can be changed in accordance with the personality of the user. Currently, we are serving to 140 countries around the world and exceeded 5 million downloads.

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