The Witcher 3: Thats why you should stay away with Ciri from a brothel

The open world of The Witcher 3 is not only beautiful, but also full of activities that you can do. While visiting a friendship in Novigrad for Geralt is the absolute fulfillment, Ciri is there anything but good. But see themselves.

The Witcher 3: So you cursed your score

Witcher 3: What Happens if Ciri Goes to the Brothel?

The Youtuber Xletalis has found a way that can effectively curse your score in The Witcher 3 . In his latest video, he actually wanted to explain how to come to Ciris Schwert Zirael. But he stumbled over a bug that each Witcher player will regret.

In the mission “Ciris History: Creaking Crucible Tempo” you have to flee as a Ciri in front of some pursuers from the city of Novigrad. However, if you avoid fighting and climbing the rooftop instead, you can actually reach a district locked during the mission. There you even have the opportunity to interact with various NPCs. However, the game quickly makes you clear that he does not like it.

In the intermediate sequences each time greaterly appears, which instead of Ciri leads the talks. His student may only stand in the background and watch. But it gets particularly creepy if you visited the brothel in Novigrad. There you can give straight a Schäferstünden. However, Ciri also seems to have packed the meat lot – here comes here namely said bug in the game.

If you are with one of the prostituted sleep, in the intermediate sequence is a disturbing mixture of Geralt and Ciri to see. However, only the delicacy – Ciris “Transformation” begins to stay after the small nümmerchen. So then you do not play more than Ciri, but as a crossroads from Ciri and a half-naked straight. See yourself:

According to Xletalis, you have no way to get rid of this bug. The relevant score is thus evaluated forever. He himself comments on his discovery with the words:

_ “I have to admit – there are a few decisions in video games, which I regret it more than this.” _

If you do not want to break the immersive world of The Witcher 3 **, you should not really reproduce this bug. Even Xletalis warns that – especially when you play on the console. There is only a limited number of memory locations available.

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