The team of Apex Legends “excited” of new titanium case

If it ever happened, an announcement of a new titanium match would probably destroy the internet. However, in the eyes of titanium fans, the developer ResPawn seems to remove further from this possibility.

However, the titanium case universe lives through Apex Legends, and Respawn has made it clear that it is a universe that is still close to the studio. In our detailed interview with the Game Director of Apex Legends, Steve Ferreira, we asked how the legacy of titanium will continue – and if Apex is now the mainship for this universe.

“Apex has always been an extension and further development of the titanium universe, so it makes sense that both are still part of the same universe,” he says. “The central gameplay mechanisms, scenes and history are all intertwined with each other and share the same DNA, so it is for us as a team of course that we consider them very one and the same.

Titanase 2 offered with the introduction of the single player campaign a very different experience than the multiplayer-oriented experience in titanium case. In the same way, APEX as Battle Royale offers another, completely different extension of this titanium core universe. “

While Ferreira no concrete details price, it is clear that there is still a lot of life and scope for even more expansion in the titanium case universe – and it remains open to the new experiences that ResPawn creates the future.

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“As a team, we have a passion for each of these types of gaming experiences and are looking forward to the new ones we work,” he says. “Can we get a return to some of these experiences from titan case, titanium 2 or a total new experience that the universe continues to expand? Naturally. But at the moment we are very excited and focus on our ideas to continue to drive and renew the Apex experience. “

In contrast to what some people report, titanium is the core of our DNA.

Who knows what the future brings…

  • Respawn (@Respawn) 23. September 2021

The communication of ResPawn to titanium, including the Comments by Ferreira to us, was intentionally mixed and vague. While there were explicit messages when it came to finishing the speech of Titanase 3, the door always remains open to make future titanium content.

Apex Legends will definitely continue the legacy of titanium with these “new” experiences, but we let them interpret what a “return” could mean old experiences.

Our complete interview with Evan Nikolich, the Design Director of Ferreira and Apex, where it is about the past, present and future of Battle Royale, appears tomorrow on The PC Player 24, so stay it.

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