[Exclusive] Deployment of two sewers in the field! Hustain New Card “Giant Fin”

◇ card Name: giant fin
◇ Job: Warlock
◇ Rating: Legends
◇ Category: Prairies
◇ Race: Murloc
◇ Mana: 8

◇ Ability: 7/4

◇ Effects: + 1 show of hands, a shout of battle: three points to put all enemy minions. Echoes of the Dead: Road Shows spit them familiars.

◇ card Name: mouth of the giant fin
◇ Job: Warlock
◇ Rating: Legends
◇ Category: Prairies
◇ Race: Murloc
◇ Mana 6
◇ Ability: 4/7

◇ Effects: provocative echoes of the death: Killed to all minions have swallowed up large fins.

Sail Murloc Murloctory proprietary card released by Stone Hearth submerged city is legendary warlock minions giant fin] .

Sailing into the sunken city has got one ten thousand years ago, but also of the night elf Queen Azshara has happened due to the war, the camp has finally Az Shari Background of Eternity explosion and sinking into the sea. As even the Queen Azshara and her noble to die in a crisis under water, but instead he accepted the power of slow Joss was built in the city to turn into a deep out.

In this expansion pack, as with this background will be out indeyo available on a variety of deep-sea species and themed creatures. As a warlock only card Murloc Tribe had a rare view of [giant fin] is added to the legend minions.

First thing to note is the show of hands new keywords. This capability will be summoned to the battlefield with a separate affiliation card when summoned minions. giant fin] For mouth of the giant fin] coming to take a , you can expect a wide variety of uses through field deployment capabilities.

giant fin] is a political capabilities can be developed as a provocation 4/7 7/4 Prairies Prairies to a card 8 mana am seen as a pretty powerful card. Because here it is the effects of swallowing a shout of battle to put all enemy minions can bring significant advantage in the field.

But because it spit out all the minions are swallowed up in the roar of battle echo triggered when the death is the card that risks do exist.

■ Advantages – jiwoomyeo the opponent seat Minions 2

giant fin] The advantage of is that it can be put down to the two servants while to clear the enemy field. Moreover mouth of the giant fin] is in your own ability to catch demanding 7.4 provocative skills, your opponent * Direct orders rather than crony [dorsal giant] I noryeoya a **.

Ten thousand days even relatively successful in removing a huge fin] with the vitality of the lower four, the minions spit out again, Nancy is useful against hand buff paladins or druids token types deck so that the buff is gone rely on buffs. If giant fin] the right treatment even though it may slow down the tempo of the other party at least one turn itjiyo can be a powerful means against aggro decks.

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In addition, when the giant fin swallow relative familiars there is described as a non-destructive form of aid or the relative servants, it seems echoes of death still not activated. In this case, the summons Turn to silence the [giant fin] or If the [mouth of the giant fin] their can be treated directly with the priests in the past – the plague of death] It will also show you more power.

And that a relatively high mana required is possible I have to search complementary cards are added together. The publicly available bloody rotten fin] is a card with 4 mana 4/4 minions are doing salvage a battle cry of those cards Murloc is available at a cost to life instead of mana.

Salvage is reported under the 3 decks a chapter of his new keywords to lay on the deck, giant fin] If you succeeded in coming to find is that an eye can also see a relatively rapid early deployment area.

bloody rotten fin] with giant fin] if pulled used to life because the deployment of Warlock Quest is a condition of receiving the damage to my turn card, the seed of the devil] It can also be considered in conjunction with, and is recommended even spend the extra mana in different orders.

Especially when a card that can be associated with high costs and Murloc be adding more in the future seems to be exercised more synergies. A cry of battle on this turn that the next four mana Murloc Murloc minions of the mean streets of Gadgetzan expansions that cost using a life instead of mana ‘m also reminded the [sea anglerfish wedge magicians] .

■ drawbacks – beat huhwan the remaining old half performance

But it can overwhelm the other side of the field, to fully processed condition and it is an obstacle costly products. If you want an authentic subdue the use of silent killing play cards or to force the [mouth of the giant fin] First is forced.

large fin; 8 mana so without reducing costs 3 Mana letter with [Iron beak owl] or 4 Mana Royal Librarian] as silence card virtually difficult, large angler fin] is also hard to find a piece means to directly aid because it is the vitality and 7.

Especially if focused on the Prairies organize, compare it makes sense even 8 gigabytes may Mana in simple, powerful beat of [Twisting Nether] the same, but will be excluded from the new key set.

In addition, if you organize a field that purpose may be employed Soul shred damaging to buy too much damage a single broadband is still a letter from the deck of control orientation as the larger pieces are hard to beat for non pitdeu Warlock giant fin] is much less go hand cards.

In addition, this power is not the big field-oriented metadata is rather quickly. For the group that does not largely depend on the overturning servants 8 mana 7/4, 4/7 servants in two plates are himdeuljiyo.

And if your opponent style, rather than relying on buff field minions deploying powerful and heavy servants in the first place can be used only for sustaining a 1-2 simplifies turn. In other words, hers that turned roads spit and reverse the adverse situation when the field went back to normal, can be difficult to give a serious damage to the opponent’s solar plexus.

Murloc two other smaller with the Warlock available in the current jeonggyujeon has norigi the [bloody rotten fin] is also associated with the problem. Until now, because the absence of options in addition to the neutral Murloc, and Murloc from the expansion of this future must wait and see whether the extent added.

■ Overall rating

Throwing the two minions compliance in the field because it can be useful if used to clean up a potential opponent for the purpose of slowing down the tempo opponents, and additional work is needed, but it is completely clean metadata fields used as much as possible approached to you clearly.

To the current meta-oriented or order a lot, but OTK flow, indeyo situation that much to replace the wild switching and core set of Phoenix goes sailing with the expansion of a sunken city could perhaps expect to see the meta fields. If this metadata can be used in a critical means to bring the initiative.

Maybe a very long time Murloc Warlock why not look forward to what appeared on the top Meta?

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